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3.0 - I Don’t Need Therapy...

A couple of days ago I came across the advertisement of a tee for Iceland lovers that reminded me of how starting traveling changed a lot of things in my life.

"I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to Iceland”, that’s what the t-shirt print said.

If they had shown me it two years ago, I would have bought it immediately.

Two years ago, my ex-boyfriend started going under therapy. We were both going through a bad period of our lives, and our relationship wasn’t a bed of roses as well. Soon before breaking up, he suggested me to go under therapy too.

But, you know, I hate psychologists. I don’t want someone to dig into my mind and tell me what I have to do. Every suggestion such as:”You SHOULD meet new people... You SHOULD be more relaxed...” in my mind sounds more like:”You HAVE TO meet new people... You HAVE TO be more relaxed...”.

I can’t get up one morning and suddenly decide to get new friends, to feel happier or something like that. It’s absurd!

My ex did something like this and, trust me, he was completely ridiculous, and his attempt of making new friends did not end up well - idiot!

You could see him wandering around the Physics Dept., saying “hello” to every person he met in an annoying and silly way. One day he was acting like a miserable person; the next one he had “suddenly” become the most cheerful person in the world. You can’t think that there’s no difference between pretending to be happy and feeling happy.

It took me months to be happy again. I really started working on myself, day after day. No one forced me to be cheerful: I am happy, now, thanks to myself. Thanks to my own therapy.

I booked a trip to Iceland. I met new friends. I restored all my positive energies.

Now I’m no more scared of traveling alone with people I don’t know. I want to travel as much as I can, to meet as many people with my same passion as there are in the World.

Traveling has been my own Therapy. I feel better now, I think I am a better person after all, not just because I wear a pretty smile on my face. The woman I am now is the result of a series of experiences I have been through, and my trips played an important role in this.

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