I love traveling too, and in 2012 I started visiting European Capital Cities - Paris (2012, 2015), London (2013), Amsterdam (2013).
​In 2014, my first trip to Iceland changed a lot in my approach to Photography: feeling in contact with Nature led to some improvements in my skills, as I've become more conscious and critic about what I should put into my pictures.


This experience changed even more in my life: before that trip I had never thought that Photography could be my job.

Actually, I had to be true to myself: it has never been just a hobby! It is the biggest passion I have, the only way I have to show my real feelings, my inner world. It's my way to communicate.

So, beside my studies, I still dream to become a Professional Photographer.

This has been just the first of a long series of photographic tours around the World, and many others are on my personal list as well. Next destination? Stay tuned to discover what it will be - or try to guess in the meantime!







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