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Basically, I'm a self-taught photographer: I only attended a basic course between 2010 and 2011.

I learned most of the things I know thanks to my mistakes and video tutorials hosted on YouTube.


I became interested in analog and instant photography in 2012, when I found an old Yashica FX-D at my mum's house.

At first I began experimenting with the different types of film I could find in the on-line stores, and film soups too. I'm still doing this kind of work, but I'm also beginning to create a personal selection of films I'd like to use for a more serious purpose.


Some people ask me why I still shoot film. Well, I think that some subjects look much better on film/instant film. Of course, film effects can be reproduced with digital softwares, but analog photography is much more than grain, spots, odd colors and other various imperfections!


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